Surviving the Kimberley with Michael Atkinson

Surviving the Kimberley is a 60min film with a 20-30min talk/Q&A afterwards with the man himself, Michael Atkinson aka Outback Mike.

Surviving the Kimberley is a film documenting one man’s month-long survival expedition on the north Kimberley coast in 2017. The film is about how this man (Atkinson) survived his way out of the predicament of the two stranded German seaplane aviators lost up there in 1932, using only the materials available to them.

Atkinson is screening the film as a thank you to Balanggarra Aboriginal people for allowing him on their land for the expedition. Balanggarra elders have reviewed the footage to ensure no sacred areas will be shown inappropriately and approved it for release. Any profits from tickets or DVD sales after the screening will be donated to the Balanggarra Rangers.
More about Atkinson and this film:

Up until recently Atkinson was a full-time pilot in the Australian Defence Force. During an 18 year career he flew everything from helicopters to fast jets to big jets. Throughout that time he also taught survival skills to pilots and members of NORFORCE, a predominately Aboriginal unit that patrols northern Australia. He also put his skills to the test outside the military during many extended private expeditions around the world.

Atkinson lists the extreme outdoors, photography and filming among his passions. This led him to start filming his own adventures, feeling that many adventure shows on TV and the internet do not capture what it’s really like to be alone in the extreme outdoors as nearly everyone you see is being followed by a film crew and it detracts from the realism of the experience.


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“Hi. My name’s Mike and I’ve recently returned from the remote Kimberley region of northwest Australia after an amazing 6 week expedition. For much of the time I had no food, no water and the nearest help was hundreds of kilometres away. Why on earth would I want to be in such a position? Well that’s the same question two German aviators asked themselves when they ran out of fuel there in their seaplane 85 years ago. They tried their best to survive, which included making a raft from their seaplane floats and trying to trek out overland, but after 6 weeks they were unable to make their own way out to safety and luckily were rescued, on the brink of death, by Aboriginal people. I’ve been interested in this story since I was a kid because I wondered if I was in that situation could I have survived. So with all the survival skills I learnt up to this point in my life I put them to the test to see if I could get out with the same materials that the aviators had.”

Michael Atkinson

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Saturday 18 August
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Michael Atkinson



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