High Life

High Life

High life is set in deep space. Monte and his daughter Willow live together aboard a spacecraft, in complete isolation. A man whose strict self-discipline is a shield against desire, Monte fathered her against his will. His sperm was used to inseminate the young woman who gave birth to her. They were members of a crew of prisoners – death row inmates. Guinea pigs sent on a mission. Now only Monte and Willow remain. Through his daughter, he experiences the birth of an all-powerful love. Together, father and daughter approach their destination – the black hole in which time and space cease to exist.


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“ ★★★★★ As with so many of Denis' films, the point is to contrive an overwhelmingly powerful mood and moment, an almost physiological sensation, this one incubated in the vast, cold reaches of space.”

Peter Bradshaw - Guardian

“ ★★★★★ Claire Denis's High Life is a sensually intimate journey that overwhelms. An intoxicatingly wonderful space odyssey into the psyche of the human condition.”

Ben Rolph - Discussing Film

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Friday 7 June
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Saturday 15 June
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Claire Denis



Running Time

113 minutes


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