FREE ENTRY to this special screening we're hosting to help kick off National Reconciliation Week! We have limited capacity to how many we can fit in the venue so get down early to make sure you don't miss out on what's sure to be a popular event.

BabaKiueria is a drama pretending to be an ethnographic documentary examining the customs of the white natives of BabaKiueria, from the perspective of the country’s black colonisers.

BabaKiueria is named as a result of first contact between the colonisers and the natives. Arriving at a barbecue area, the settlers ask the locals, ‘What’s this place called?’. Presenter Duranga Manika (Michelle Torres) looks back at this moment and at white people’s place in contemporary BabaKiuerian society. She also spends time with a ‘typical’ white family.

This short film will be followed by another 30m short - Creativity and the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Help celebrate what iconic Beanie Festival is all about - bringing people together!


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“Babakiueria uses role reversal to satirise and critique Australia’s treatment of its Indigenous peoples. Aboriginal actors play the colonisers, while white actors play the indigenous Babakiuerians. The filmmakers have fun presenting Australian cultural stereotypes like the barbecue and football as strange ‘native customs’ seen through the eyes of an ethnographic observer, presenter Duranga Manika.”

Kate Matthews, Curator National Film and Sound Archive

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Saturday 27 May
Deckchair Cinema

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30 minutes


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