Who We Are

Darwin Film Society Management Committee

The Darwin Film Society has an elected Management Committee of volunteers who oversee the management of the Deckchair Cinema and other Darwin Film Society projects such as Flix in the Wet and the Darwin International Film Festival (DIFF). These dedicated volunteer Management Committee members are:

John Schier (Acting Chair)
I have been a member of the Darwin Film Society Management Committee since 2002, and Chair for 11 of those years. I was a co-founder of the Darwin International Film Festival (DIFF) chairing the Committee from 2010 to 2013, and will again do so this year. I am an active member of many community committees, have a background in tourism operations, and am currently an account manager specialising in freight handling and logistics.

Di Koser (Deputy Chair)
I have been a Committee member of the Darwin Film Society since the mid-80s. I was Chair for over 15 years from when the first Deckchair Cinema began (at Mavie St in 1994) until after the opening of the current Cinema (at Jervois Road). I love the continuing community involvement in all aspects of the Cinema – from the programming to gardening and weeding and highly skilled areas as projection and architectural design. I believe the reason the Deckchair has continued to thrive is that it truly reflects the community from which it grew.

Victoria Eastwood (Secretary) 
After being lucky enough to get an opportunity to work as part of the Deckchair team for 4 seasons, I transitioned to a new role on the Darwin Film Society committee as Secretary in 2014. As Secretary, I am committed to the continued success and growth of the Darwin Film Society. I am particularly excited to be a part of the Darwin International Film Festival Sub-Committee this year where I can contribute to its exciting ongoing development over the coming years. 

Elizabeth Close (Treasurer)
Attending the Deckchair Cinema has been one of the ongoing pleasures of living in Darwin for me.  It is an excellent example of a sustainable community organisation and always comes up trumps with great movies and special events. I joined the Committee to give back, in whatever small way I can, to sustaining an important organisation that has been an integral part of Darwin for so many years.

Claire Miller (Public Officer) 
I recently joined the DFS Committee and am committed to ensuring the Deckchair Cinema thrives and continues into the future to offer an alternative cinema experience to all Territorians and visitors.I have a background in legal, corporate governance, compliance, risk management and internal audit and am passionate about cinema, particularly independent and foreign films.

Harry Abrahams
Upon my arrival in Darwin I immediately became a Darwin Film Society (DFS) member. The atmosphere, film calibre and, clearly evident, community nature of Deckchair and DFS are unequalled. After having attended many working bees, I joined the DFS Management Committee in 2011, and became Chair in 2014. The breadth of issues we deal with on the Committee and the ability to assist in special events, such as the Darwin International Film Festival (DIFF), never ceases to be rewarding.

Jeff Coulter 
The 4 years I have been part of the Darwin Film Society have been very enjoyable and rewarding. The community focus, the natural beauty and of course the beautiful film experience encourages us all to work together so that it continues to be a number 1 choice for a night out for locals and tourists alike. Long live the Deckchair.

Phil Hickey
I recently became a Committee member of the Darwin Film Society after being a regular Deckchair patron and DFS member since the mid-90s. The Deckchair and the films it presents have been an ongoing joy in my life throughout that whole time, as a committee member I’m really pleased to be able to offer something in return. My main interests are in maintaining and improving the Deckchair experience for members. I think the Deckchair represents the best of what’s good about Darwin.

Lee Upton
Quote to be included soon!


Deckchair Cinema Staff

The Darwin Film Society appoint and employ a team to manage the daily operations of the Deckchair Cinema and associated projects being:

  • Alice Body (General Manager)
  • James Parker (Operations Manager)
  • Box Office, Kiosk & Duty Manager staff each dry season program.